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I had an issue concerning the naming of my child. But I did not tell the man of God the exact problem. He saw it by revelation.

During one of the meetings I came to, Pastor Paul asked of the name of the child and I said Rebecca Angel Latebea. He replied that that was not the name. He revealed that her name is Annabel which means ‘Favoured grace’. He also gave her a direction to declare ‘Father, as you have revealed to your servant Pastor Paul this child, so shall it be. Also warn my husband strongly in a dream for him not to use the name Rebecca Latebea, but rather come and ask her for the name God has revealed, and use the name,’ 7 times each in the morning at 7am and evening at 7pm for 3 days. But I was to start that evening, making 3 and a half days. This was before my baby’s naming ceremony.

I was unable to complete it. I missed it a number of times. I then called Pastor Paul for correction and he did. He also informed that whenever I receive a counsel or prophecy, I should make sure I write it down to prevent myself from forgetting.

On the last day, nothing happened. I then asked Pastor Paul whether to inform my husband and he said no. He later revealed that God knew she would miss it, but the fact is that God didn’t need my help in this case. For He must get the glory.

Pastor Paul then prays for God to reveal the right name to our prophet who will conduct the naming ceremony before the ceremony. During the naming ceremony that took place on a Sunday, the baby cried uncontrollably and our prophet couldn’t even pray well.

On informing Pastor Paul about the occurrence, he said it was because she didn’t want the name. He however added that though they gave her that name, God is still in control.

Also, during an intercessory meeting, fervent prayer was made that God should overturn every misnaming concerning my daughter. And during the prayer, Pastor Paul led by the Holy Spirit, announced saying, “I God have people’s destinies in hand”. And since that is so, no man can change it.

Later, he asked me to raise the child and declare over her ‘Annabel’ five times, and then declare ‘As it is revealed, so shall it be’; I declared her name five times, and that ‘As God has revealed your name, so shall it be’.

He then counseled that from now onwards, I should start calling my daughter by the name Annabel.

So I have begun calling her by that name. But at times as I do that, my husband will be around and will be confused about the name I am addressing my daughter with. But he has not made an attempt to ask me. And I normally use the meaning of the name to address her, which is ‘Favoured grace’. I call her Annabel once in a while.


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